Our company has a long tradition within the casting and machining disciplines – dating all the way back to 1865. This means that we in 2015 could look back on a 150 year old history. There have been great changes during these years in terms of customer group, production equipment and -methods, infrastructure and especially the demands from our customers and suppliers, the authorities, the surroundings and our employees.

Originally, our customers were local farmers and businesses, and later wholesalers in and around Bergen. Our product range was focused on simple fittings and door handles. Gradually, this changed to be concentrated around a wide variety of taps and valves. Today, the Jets Vacuumarator™ is our main product, in addition to a wide variety of products for the marine, subsea and energy markets.

Osterøy - is like elsewhere in western Norway - characterized by picturesque, hilly fjord landscapes. The small villages with partly challenging infrastructures provided fertile ground for a diverse industry, with corporate cultures characterized by sobriety and enthusiasm. These features still apply for the industry on Osterøy.